1. Could you please describe the different fabric available with your store?
a. Nada – Thin and light weight. Widely used in Dubai and suitable for hot climatic condition.
b. Internet – Thick and heavier in weight. Suitable for cool climatic conditions. Durable.
c. Zena – In between nada and internet
d. Salona – soft and silky. Light weight.
e. Stretch fabric – Flexible and soft but heavier in weight.

2. Can I make payment by bank transfer and how long it will take for delivery?
Yes, we accept payment by bank transfer. Your order will be delivered within 7 to 10 days from the receipt of your payment.

3. Can I make payment by cash on delivery?
It is available only within United Arab Emirates (UAE). For other countries payment to be made in advance.

4. How do you ship my order and how long does it take for delivery?
We use DHL and FEDEX express for all our international shipments. Your abayas will be delivered within 7 to 10 days from the date of receipt of payment.

5. Is it possible to deliver my order within 5 days?
Yes we can. We do deliver the order within 5 days’ time basis on the design as a special case.

6. How can I order in bulk? Is there any special price?
Yes, we do accept the bulk order. Special prices will be provided based on the abayas you select and the mode of payment. To make an order, you can select the abayas you want and send us email mentioning the product code, quantity, size and we will revert with our special quote. Minimum of 10% discount from the retail price can be given for bulk purchase. Minimum order value should be US$ 1000.

7. How can I order abaya with custom size?
While placing your order, select the standard sizes available which is best closure to your required size. You can mention the custom size details in the additional instruction box available at checkout process.

8. Is it possible to make closed abaya shown in the store as open abaya and vice versa?
There is an option for the abayas as “STYLE” for which every abayas can be made in different style. Please check ABAYA STYLES page for better understanding.

9. Is it possible to customize the abaya design?
Yes, we can. We can customize the design pattern, abaya styles, stones and embroidery color as per your requirement.

10. I would like to see the prices in my local currency?
Please select the currency of your choice from a small tab available next to the search box on the top.

11. How do I know my abaya size?
Measure your total size from head to toe in inches and subtract it by 8 inches will gives your abaya height size. Check our MEASUREMENT page for better understanding.